“Back in the dawn”

So this is my 2nd poem called “Back in the dawn

From the abyss, there’s a poet I met
The one I’ll never forget
But he is what I must let go
To go back in the dawn

(The one that I’m talking about in this stanza is someone who meant so much to me when I was fifteen. He is my inspiration, role model and I am madly in love with his angelic voice, amazing writing skills, and being just the way he is. He made a big influence in my life and because of that everything started to change that made me go to a different direction. I was in a path that lead me to an underground palace, it’s a place where the sun is silent. It’s a new dimension that I once belonged to but I can’t stay because I know there’s Someone who was looking for me. I need to let go of this prince even it was hard for me.)

I was already walking in the light
Until I was lost again in forever midnight
Filled with growls and screams of misery
But redeemed with love and mercy

(It talks about my early phase when I was walking with Him but I was a lost sheep that can’t find a way back home. But because of His promise to never leave me, He rescued me from this underground palace.)

I used to be in the line of a mess
Until I wore this new white dress
It was a gift that was sent from above
Reminded me of the significance of the dove

( I had a double life after that vibrant phase, I even became more like the dark side enjoying munching their cookies. I was living a life being fascinated with scene kids and admiring spooky things. I even based my life with some songs and with the artists that I adored. The way I dressed back then was expressed with what I was and what I love but whenever I stare on a photo in my room of a little girl that used to beat a pure heart. I was reminded about the white dress He gave to me. I can feel His love by the people He brought to my life and His wonderful creations like the dove that symbolises freedom, peace, harmony, and purity.)

From the darkness I’ve been
To the Miraculous Glory I’ve seen
My Saviour never stops His love for me
He restored of what I am called to be

(So from being this punk I used to be was redeemed again with blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. I was redeemed! He is truly a life turn-around specialist! He can make beauty from ashes. There’s nothing impossible for Him if you just believe and put your trust on Him.)

I may not be the best writer and I am still on the process of going back to the dawn. There’s no guarantee that this life would be easy but if you just trust the Savior with all your heart, soul, and mind then there’s no reason for you to worry. Why worry if the One who is the Author of your life is in control of everything? All you need is just to TRUST Him and follow Him whatever happens. Just surrender everything to Him and keep your head up high. I really aim to be a doer, practice what I preach, do my best to keep moving forward, fight the good fight of faith and trying my best to not lean on my own understanding. My flesh and my heart may fail but Jesus is the portion of my life forever. When I am weak, I know I am strong because He is with me. Forever and always.

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