For the first time since I’ve moved to California, it feels like fall leading up to the holidays. In years past, the weather remained temperate for a lot of the fall and winter seasons (as much as I can remember), making me lose track of what time of year it actually was. I’d see people posting pictures of huge snowfalls and other wintery weather and be like, “Oh, right, it’s that time of year…” I know, I know, “Boo hoo, you have warm weather in November and December, poor you…” I’m not complaining about the weather, per se, just that it’s been weird to adjust to the non-snowy, non-blustery weather of a Northern California holiday season. Even after 4 or so years, I’m still not used to it.

But anyway, for the first time (it seems) it’s been pretty cold recently, which definitely calls the fall season to mind for me. And we’ll be going to Lake Tahoe for the holidays, which means I’ll see snow (hopefully) at Christmastime for the first time in several years. Even when we visited Chicago for Christmas several years ago, there was no snow! So weird. Combined with the lack of Christmas lights around the neighborhood we used to live in, it really didn’t feel like Christmastime at all. So the holiday would kind of come and go with little fanfare even though we would celebrate and exchange gifts.

I realize I’m veering into Charlie Brown territory here. It’s not my intention! What I’m really getting at is that I’m kind of excited for the holidays this year since we’ll be in Lake Tahoe. I look forward to trudging through snowy trails taking photos of the lake and some Christmas-y scenes of twinkly lights on trees, wreaths, and other decorations. It’ll be our first time there, so it’ll be an adventure in that regard, too. Maybe this year I’ll even get my Christmas shopping done early! … Okay, now I’m just getting carried away.

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