Ink Blogging Try #2

Okay, I’m writing up this post in Windows Journal. I know for a fact that I can export this into a TIFF file which I can convert, if needed. I don’t usually like writing on grid-ruled paper, but I thought it’d look interesting when exported.

Someone on Twitter recommended that I reset my Book because it sounded like it got corrupted during set up. Since I hadn’t installed much, I figured I could reset it now. The first time I went through setup, I didn’t want to apply the default quick settings which sent a lot of anonymized data to MS and such. I wonder if that’s what could’ve contributed to the device acting strange… The second time around I just blindly accepted all the defaults. I also applied all updates before logging in to my MS account, also suggested on Twitter. Things seemed to go more smoothly, though I suspect it’s because I better knew what to expect.

At any rate, Twitter & Texture, two apps that were giving me trouble before installed & were working this time. Texture for Windows 10 looks different from the iOS & Android versions. For one magazine I browsed, the app displayed the pages in 2-up format with no center seam. It looked pretty awesome on the Book’s large screen. I checked if the app used that layout on iPad Pro, but it doesn’t. The iPad app is locked to portrait orientation. :-/ Unfortunately, not every magazine is available in that layout. Ugh.

Flipboard looks pretty good on the big screen. News360, an app I like on Android & iOS, looks and works horribly on Windows 10. I can’t log in with my Google account, which forces me to set up my topics of interest all over again. And the app doesn’t work well if it’s not in full-screen mode. It also doesn’t have a responsive enough design to support both landscape & portrait orientation. Such a disappointment.

I haven’t found a good RSS app yet. I may just deal with Feedly in Chrome. If anyone has any recommendations, let me know.

I don’t know how I feel about Metro’s look. It’s bordering on very dated for me. Some of that feeling may be because I’ve seen apps that look like this since the Zune days… I know I shouldn’t talk because I am still acclimating to Windows 10, but this is just my gut feel currently. Perhaps I’m just seeing a lot of basic apps in the Microsoft Store and haven’t yet seen the good ones.

A few random observations to round out the post:

1. Can I customize what apps open when the pen’s button is pressed? I don’t want to use OneNote.

2. Somehow tapping on a text field while in tablet mode isn’t bringing up the on-screen keyboard. I have to tap on the button at the bottom of the screen to open it. :-/

3. Palm rejection is pretty good, but I’m still accidentally activating buttons at the bottom of the screen with my forearm.

4. It’s jarring to see old (and tiny!) UI of legacy apps like Windows Journal & Notepad. Still no optimization for touch after all this time?

Okay. Time to see about transcribing and exporting this post. Wish me luck.

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