Very Quick Thoughts on the iPad Pro

My very first impression of the iPad pro is, “This looks ridiculous.” If people complained that the original iPad was just a huge iPhone (which I didn’t actually agree with at the time), I feel like they’d have a better argument now. I also thought, “It’s like ‘My First iPad’,” or a weird knockoff of an iPad from a company that thought “bigger is obviously better!”

A lot of the apps I use are not optimized (yet) for the pro, so everything looks weirdly-sized, low-res, or just has a ton of whitespace. For example, I have been using Texture (formerly Next Issue) to read magazines on the pro, and the experience is kind of annoying, not least because the app is locked to portrait and will not show a 2-up view of the magazines. These “magazine pages” in portrait orientation are ridiculously huge.

I actually am not a fan of tablets that are larger than 8 inches diagonally since they feel too unwieldy to me. I’m more apt to use a larger phone like the LG G4, or a Nexus 6P for all my apping and gaming needs. But the iPad pro and the Pencil was a combo that really intrigued me, especially given my love of the later-generation Tablet PCs for digital inking of notes and blog posts. Imagine my major disappointment when I couldn’t get the Pencil at the same time as the iPad pro (mine will arrive end of November). :-/

We got the Logitech CREATE keyboard case with the pro, which is very nice. It’s backlit and feels like a regular laptop keyboard. However, I do end up unconsciously searching for the trackpad sometimes. The combination of the iPad pro and the keyboard case feels very much like a regular-sized laptop (feels so heavy to me). I also feel like the combination feels as heavy (heavier?) than a 12-inch MacBook Air. However, I think it’ll be a pretty good travel “computer”. The build quality of the Logitech keyboard is great. Very stable on my lap. The outer material feels rugged but looks sleek. It’s a bummer that it’s not easier to pop the pro in and out of the case, though. If I don’t want or need to use the keyboard, I definitely have to take the pro out or else the combo is too heavy to hold with the keyboard folded out of the way.

I really won’t be able to get the full experience of what I wanted from the iPad pro until I get the Pencil, so I will follow up on that later. In the meantime, I’ll keep playing around with apps and games to see what works best on the biggest iPad ever.