New HairStyles Trend in 2016

It’s a new year. You know what that means — new trends in the realm of beauty. It can seem exhausting to keep up with the ceaseless changes of the world around us, but we’re willing to sum it up so you don’t have or flounder in public flaunting dated looks.

As a team, we’re constantly analyzing trends in order to keep pushing the creative envelope while challenging ourselves as artists. We’re interested in giving the best haircut in Philadelphia, the best balayage in Philadelphia, and basically anything else our clients ask for. We got together and put together a list of forward thinking trends we see surfacing and resurfacing in 2016:

Embrace Natural Texture

2016 is a year about celebrating the individual. At our salon in Philadelphia, we’re all about helping our clients find the perfect haircut to compliment their natural texture. We’ve recently stocked our shelves with the product line EVO whose mission is to create a product that helps their consumers look their best with semi-personalized products and minimal effort. Ask us about them the next time you come in. ALSO, they smell fantastic.

The Comeback of The Knot

Another trend that helps clients embrace their individuality is the knot. It’s a beautiful, elegant runway look for the modern woman to recreate at home. She can take her own “twist” on it by varying levels of distress. Oh, yeah — top knots are on their way out. Low buns are the way to go.

Braids, Braids, Braids

We’re not talking about look boho braids. We’re thinking tight braids intertwined with natural texture. These “peek-a-boo” braids, so to speak, add texture, flair, and personality to any look. Also, they remind us of a grown up wrap braid (Hey, 90’s kids). Think about rocking braids with hair extenstions in Philadelphia.

Low Pigtails

Stay with me here: worn low, close together, in the back of the head. They’re a super fun, refreshing take on the pigtails we used to see at recess in elementary school. Wear a choker and equip a cool jean jacket.Be prepared for double takes on the street. “Why didn’t I think of that first!?”

Add A Little Sparkle

If you live in a city, you’ve definitely seen the comeback of the hair accessory. They help to put glamour into any outfit, and definitely help you rock your balayage in Philadelphia. Whether you wait to add a few gems to your pony tail, or add a flower to your long pigtails, it’ll work beautifully.

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