I recently had a Yabberz.com discussion with a sincere Yabber who holds and defends a conservative political philosophy. Our discussion was based on a previous post of mine titled Yikes I’m Reading the News through a Yabberz Filter! We went back and forth about which one of us used the more reliable news sources. He thought my Twitter feed fed me news with a strongly liberal bias. Full Disclosure — I follow Chuck Todd, Christine Amanpour, John Gizzi, David Axelrod, Andrea Mitchell, Dionne Searcey, John Dickerson, Simon Romero, George F. Will, President Obama, Fareed Zakaria, Pope Francis, Katy Tur, Michael Moore (mostly for the fun of it), Anderson Cooper and New York Times World.

So after sharing these my friend told me these folks are liberals and part of the liberal media establishment. I asked if he would like to suggest two or three conservative thinkers or reporters I should follow. He gladly suggested Chris Wallace, Thomas Sowell, Victor Davis Hanson and Jonah Goldberg. Chris Wallace apparently doesn’t Tweet so I added Brit Hume, Thomas Sowell, Victor Davis Hanson and Jonah Goldberg to my Twitter Feed. I did good right?

Next, I suggested he follow a couple of mine. Good again right? Wrong. He answered that he heard enough of the liberal spin every day on the liberal media. Won’t even follow? Nope, he already gets the liberal line every day thanks to liberal media establishment bias.

So, why is Rush a genius? Because by branding all sources of news that don’t fit his argument as The Liberal Media Establishment he has taken all other reporting and opinion out of play. It is one thing to rule out opposing opinion. I get that, but to create a fear of most reporting as Liberal Media Bias is something else. One thing it may have been is genius.

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