I was really ready for a break from the NFL. How is that even possible? Super bowl, beer commercials, action, noise, speed, athleticism, heroes? Do I need testosterone shots?

Here are four reasons.

First and foremost is the competing noise. Crowd noise is piped into the broadcast feed at high levels to bring the ‘stadium experience’ to my home. But then the play-by-play and color guys gotta be heard over the screaming crowd noise, so they are even louder. I think this combination annoys me as much as any laugh track from a 1980's sitcom.

Second is the predictability of the production values. 1. Each game has its story lines. I pity the interns and assistant producers as they find and write them. Face it, sometimes there are very few good stories, but we gotta have ‘em. 2. There are celebratory cutaways for sacks and TD’s. 3. Crowd guy with the white picket fence. 4. Shirtless screaming drunk guy(s) on a cold day. 5. And now we have the “Aren’t We great?” and “We care!” NFL commercials. I won’t list all I can think of; if I do this will run waayy too long.

Third, games are very similar aren’t they? A winner and a loser are guaranteed. Will see running plays, pass plays, PATs, punts, penalties, challenges and a replay of every one of these. Two minute warning. etc. etc. (ZZZZZZZZ)

Fourth, is the potential life threatening brain damage preying on the men entertaining me. Ken Stabler is the most recent to receive attention from the national press. Do we really think none of the guys we watch will suffer and die as Ken did?

I will enjoy my break from NFL football. In fact I am just losing interest anyway.

[note — since this is a controversial topic and I am taking rhetorical license with some of my descriptive language I expect some readers to take strong exception to my opinions. For that reason I will answer all replies calmly and to the best of my ability.]

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