The importance of being present when reading someone else’s story

Jacqueline Fazal
Feb 11 · 2 min read

Medium have many stories, which we can feel very overwhelmed with, especially if your reading list is starting to look towards the 500 unread mark.

And this is great! This is fantastic!

You will never feel short of reading ever!

But it is important that we treat every article, blog, paragraph with respect.

Some readers are very quick to read and absorb, but in my case, I am quite slow at these things.

I do love to slow down and take my time to read about someone’s musings. It allows a deeper connection with the other person and what they went through.

We can never be able to fully understand what the author went through at the time, but we can take a moment to really engage and take lessons from it. Is that not what writing is all about?

As a writer, we share our experiences, we share an intimate part of ourselves, we share lessons to better others, we put ourselves in an vulnerable position in order to be able to help those who may be going through the same thing. And does that not demand time and respect?

So be present when reading another’s writings. Give a little time to reflect on what you just read.

We may all be of the same race, but we all have different stories to tell.

Jacqueline Fazal

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