100 productivity tricks they will never teach you in university

Stop acting like a slave

Since I launched my business in 2011, I always dreamed to live the 4 hours workweek lifestyle. Reading this book lead me to an unstoppable craving for knowledge and skills to master this lifestyle. Year after year since I’ve been reading books and practicing the art of productivity to get closer to this ideology.

As you probably know by now, the school system is outdated. It will never teach you how to work in the modern age, be efficient and live a healthy balanced life away from mental illness.

We have 7 wellness life dimensions. When you are not balanced in those 7 wellness life dimensions, no matter how hard you work, you’ll always end up stuck into a crazy 8 loop, over and over again. Rate the following on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) without using the number 7 (ok zone, good enough standard). And then tackle one productivity habit in the dimension you would like to improve in the next 90 days. Chase one rabbit at a time using the Kaizen principle for 66 days straight.

PERSONAL {give back/help/social/community} Note: _______
JOB {daily work, skills, position, domain} Note: _______
BUSINESS {colleagues/organization/clients/industry} Note: _______
RELATIONSHIP {family/core friends/spouse/kids} Note: _______
PHYSICAL {body/health/mental/stress} Note: _______
FINANCE {cash flow/savings/debt/expenses/lifestyle} Note: _______
SPIRITUAL {inner-self/love/mindfulness/gratitude} Note: _______


  1. Self-Development Journal: Journal everyday analyzing your thought process, introspecting your behaviors and emotions, doing exercises, taking notes on what you’ve learned, listing gratitudes and affirmations. Book: 4 hours work week / Tim Ferriss


  1. Willpower: It’s like a phone battery, start the day at 100%. Be aware, manage it and recharge it smartly. These things drain your willpower: Implementing new behavior, filtering distractions, resisting temptation, suppressing emotions, restraining aggressions, suppressing impulses, taking tests, trying to impress others, coping with fear, doing something you don’t like to do, selecting long-term over short-term results, etc. Book: The willpower Instinct / Kelly McGonigal


  1. Start with Why: List 20 reasons why you will never give up. Book/Ted Talk: Start With Why / Simon Sinek


  1. Drink Water: Get water and prepare to not have to break your flow, at least 2 liters per day of filtered water. Don’t trust the corporation selling you bad water. Carry your water in a blue bottle with crystal at the bottom.


  1. 5% love account: Collect a little bit weekly and always give it in person quarterly to an initiative that you really care about. And you need to see in person the people benefiting from it. Book: Give and Take / Adam Grant


  1. Find Mentors: Seek advice from people who have achieved 10% more than you did


  1. Minimalist Lifestyle: Stop worrying for stuff to free up your mind’s bandwidth

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