Renaissance! Welcome Mr President Macron

Emmanuel Macron arrival may kick start a “Renaissance” spirit. It will be Digital and Entrepreneurial.
Last time a French leader had a partner 20 years older than him, it was Henri II, and his partner Diane de Poitiers. When he was crowned in 1547, he renewed the team of his father François 1er, and his 12 years of successful and prosperous reign has been symbolic of the Renaissance. He has been quite innovative with the invention of an early form of Patent. That is what we wish to our new French president Emmanuel Macron.

Last years have been a disastrous Moyen-Age: terrorism, piracy, massive fake news, faltering Economy and confidence, environmental threats. It is a Renaissance that is necessary — and possible — in 2017.

The World has changed drastically in the last 10 years, faster than ever, and we hardly noticed. We jumped from 1 to 4 billion persons on internet and mobile phone users from 2 to 7 billion, about one per person on Earth (knowing that many have several mobile phones). China has been economically stronger that the US in many fields, and the GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft) are now the 5 largest market capitalizations worldwide whereas only Microsoft was in the top-5 in 2007. Amazon was 10 times smaller, and its growth has had huge impact on retailers. 10 years ago, the platforms that we use on a weekly basis did not exist : Uber, Airbnb, Bookings, Blablacar, Whatsapp, Instagram… 2007 was also the prehistory of smartphones. All this changes also involved another radical change: our behaviour. Smartphones have jeopardized our social life and attention, we have outsourced part of our memory to Google, and much more.

What can we expect for 2027? It is very difficult to do predictions, but it looks quite obvious that much more will happen since innovation is going faster every year. It is a huge source of opportunities… and changes, for countries, companies and people. Lets name a few:

  • Mobility will be revolutionized by electric and autonomous vehicles that will become real computers. Aerial and space transportation will also make huge progress.
  • Energy will be transformed by the sharp price drop of Solar and storage.
  • Teaching will be very strongly impacted by the digital shift, in every field
  • Information Systems will also radically change, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Agile infrastructures, new architectures based on Blockchains for instance.
  • Voice will become a major interface of communication with computers, maybe the main one in some fields.
  • Industry has a vast transformation to carry on, thanks to the generalization of Robotics, AI, Internet of Things…
  • Healthcare will also drastically expand life expectation… and allow micro-robots to expand our capabilities, including the connection of the brain with computers, as detailed in a recent post about Harari’s last book, Homo Deus.

In 2027, Work as we know it will have changed a lot, and many jobs will evolve or disappear. Many Corporations will suffer. New forms of work, new Corporations will appear of course.

Changes are infinitely more rapid and unpredictable that during the XVIth century. There is no brake. The only viable way through is to learn how to drive the bus. So Mr President, every organization needs to bet on Education to take the shift, in every field, whether they are Nations, Cities or Corporations. But the organizations that have shown the path and given the pace in the last decade are start-ups. Because they go incredibly fast, because they are smart, focussed, agile and risk takers. And every organization can learn about Entrepreneurship, even Countries, as you have already understood.

The arrival of Henri II has been a huge source of optimism, in a context of darkness, information technology shift (the generalization of printing), discoveries (especially Americas), Sciences and Arts.

The arrival of Emmanuel Macron is also bringing a lot of Optimism, in a context where France and Europe are in need of a Renaissance. It is possible, it is digital and entrepreneurial. But it will not be easy. Welcome Mr President, there is a lot to do :-)