Synthetic Investment Record: Crystal Knows

Crystal Knows is an incredible product with awesome vision. It is an email plug-in that recommends language and style to you based off of your recipient’s personality type. They have compiled a database of personalities of millions of email addresses which they are working to expand and deepen.

Why this is important

Anyone who has either worked on a team or sold something understands the importance and challenge of communication. Effective communication makes ideas flow faster and execution actually happen. Ineffective communication leads to road blocks, frustration and disagreement. One of the tenets of great communication is understanding that what one says is not what another hears — the best communicators close this gap. If people can use a tool that helps them close said gap, communication will be better and people will accomplish a more and get great things done.

Why this is cool

People who have been trained in reading personality types, like the Myers Briggs assessment, have learned how to read what style their audience tends to resonate with after the first word or even first glance. Doing so allows them to choose different language and sentence structure to communicate more effectively. Let’s take the example of telling someone the hours of a bakery. Someone who is a Driver has a bias towards results and factual information; you would tell them “The bakery opens at 9 and closes at 6.” Someone who is an Analytical, however, is interested in full information so they can make the best choice; you would tell them “The bakery technically opens at 9 though they start serving lunch at 11 and have discounted snacks beginning at 3p. The line is busiest around 9:30a and 3:30p. They close their doors at 6p but tend to start wrapping things up at 5:30p.” To explain either way to the wrong personality type would cause frustration — this is why catering your language to a personality type is so important.

If Crystal Knows can help offer this type of insight on a per instance basis for anyone sending an email to someone, people will be able to communicate SO much more effectively. This would make remote working more efficient. This would make for less annoying sales people (maybe?!) and more helpful information from cold solicitation. This would teach young students how to communicate better so they can win their dream jobs. It would literally change written correspondence on the internet. Crystal productizes a skill reserved for the few who really, really care about how their words are received…it democratizes great communication.

What it could look like

  • I see every inside sales team (SAAS in particular) paying to use this service — why? It would increase open rates, response rates and, thus, sales efficiency.
  • I see every non-profit and college admissions office using this — why? It would help them more effectively reach out to donors.
  • I see every distributed workforce using this — why? It helps their teams collaborate asynchronously in a more precise manner so they can more done.
  • I see every college student using this — why? To get favorable treatment from their professors and reach out to potential employers with a better chance of winning an interview.
  • I see every reporter using this — why? So they can reach out and get people to be more open to participating to a story.
  • I see everyone in the world who cares about effective communication using this tool. The more data they collect, the more accurate their suggestions. The more email addresses they scrape, the more suggestions they can offer. The more people who use it, the more refined their data set becomes. This, to me, is the perfect network effect tool and offers tremendous value on an individual, group and population basis.

I absolutely would love to invest in this company and I’m marking it now so when they get huge there’s a record!

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