Curtain Call: Customer Experience is Everyone’s Responsibility

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Thomas Martin, a Customer Experience expert with years of experience across the hospitality, entertainment, and transportation industries. He often engages with customer-facing teams whose work intersects with human resources and learning and development.


How Nonprofits Can Think “Outside In”

If you’ve been following me on Twitter or LinkedIn, you know that I’ve been sharing a handful of CX tips based on the insights I gained as the Vice President of Customer Experience for a major nonprofit organization.

In my previous role, my team…

Come One, Come All to Personapalooza

A few years ago, I became familiar with the not-so-common at the time concept of personas. Personas seemed especially relevant for my work focused on translating customer experience concepts to a nonprofit environment. While the term was fairly new for a period of…

Starting the SocialImpactCX Journey: 5 Lessons Learned from My First 50 Days as a Podcaster and Vlogger

A few short months ago I never would have thought that firing up my iPhone and posting a couple of short videos online would result in more than 3,000 views across LinkedIn, Twitter…

If you’ve been following me on Twitter or LinkedIn, you likely know I’ve recently pivoted into the social entrepreneurship space. After tenures in both the for-profit and nonprofit worlds, I’m making it my mission to help others drive their mission and achieve social impact through customer experience.

The world of…

John Corrigan

Social entrepreneur, customer experience executive, technology leader

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