Early Adopter Bounties, Final Distribution — July 31, 2016 (Group #7, #8, #9, #10)

Early Adopter Bounties Summary

The early adopter bounties ran from February 3rd to March 9th. In total, one million LSK are to be distributed to participants of the Bitcointalk.org Signature Campaign, the Twitter Bounty Campaign, the Facebook Bounty Campaign, the Newsletter Bounty Campaign and Lisk Translations.

You can verify your stake with the chart provided below. In summary:

BCT Bounty Campaign — 202.22 LSK per stake
Twitter Bounty Campaign — 63.45 LSK per stake
Facebook Bounty Campaign — 58.28 LSK per stake
Newsletter Bounty Campaign — 48.15 LSK per stake
Translation Bounty Campaign* — 2238.31 LSK per stake
First Day Special Reward Bounty — 305.90 LSK per BTC donation
*Lisk Client Translations accounted for 1–5 stakes. Reviews accounted for 1–5 stakes. BCT Thread accounted for 1 stake, and an additional stake per updated thread.
All values are rounded to the second position after decimal point.

Distribution Progress

Today marks the final distribution date for early adopter bounties. There were a total of 932,641.01 LSK distributed to 2790 participants. Here is the progress for each week of distribution, summarized.

On July 10th and July 17th, there were no early adopter bounties distributed, therefore no blog post was created.

Please note: We have finalized the distribution of early adopter bounties and the remnants will be combined with the 4M bounties fund.

July 24th, 2016 — Distribution Statistics

There were 11 early adopter bounty rewards during the week of July 24th totaling 43,657.84 LSK.

Twitter Bounty Campaign: Total of 253.81 LSK distributed.

Newsletter Bounty Campaign: Total of 866.64 LSK distributed.

Translation Bounty Campaign: Total of 42,537.39 LSK distributed.

July 31st, 2016 — Distribution Statistics

For the week of July 31st, we distributed a total of 31,869.33 LSK to 17 early adopter participants.

BCT Signature Bounty Campaign: Total of 3,235.58.31 LSK distributed.

Twitter Bounty Campaign: Total of 1,142.13 LSK distributed.

Newsletter Bounty Campaign: Total of 625.9 LSK distributed.

Translation Bounty Campaign: Total of 26,865.72 LSK distributed.

This blog post formally ends early adopter bounties distributions. Thanks for supporting Lisk during its early stages, we appreciate every effort made by the community towards the Lisk ecosystem. We’re only as strong as our community. :)

More information on current bounties will be available very soon. Make sure to read our future blog posts for more information.

Kind regards,

Joel, Community Manager