It hurts, but it’s good for you.

Opening your HTML/CSS to Developers.

Have you ever showed your HTML/CSS to a Developer?


Well if that’s the case my friend, let me tell you that you’re losing precious insight, and along with that, the chance of becoming a better designer and writing better code.

I’m a Web Designer, so i understand why you’d be skeptical about this, i mean.. we all know Developers. Designers and Developers seem to live in different worlds most of the time. I know how hard it is, sometimes, to make sense of what they say, but we should be humble enough to admit that they deal with chaos and havoc daily, and still manage to keep an orderly, objective way to look at things. They’re disciplined and organized and they make sh*t work.

At least, the great ones.

As Designers, we pride ourselves on being obsessed with “pixel-perfect” design, but in what comes to coding those pixels, these guys KICK OUR ASS.

You can put your heart and soul into your code, really try to make that CSS look ‘sexy’ and feel like you’re King of the World for landing that perfect gradient, but rest assure my friend:

It’s not perfect.

It can be better. Seriously.

If you have any doubts about that, if you can’t picture a way of making that ‘simple, elegant, beautiful piece of code’ better, just ask a Developer to take a look at it.

Make sure you ask a great one.

He’ll probably crush your ego and step on your toes but i guarantee you, he’ll make it better.

It will make you better.

So be brave my brothers. Open your code and hang tight.