What exactly is a dialogue writer at a tech company??
What exactly is a dialogue writer at a tech company??
Ronald C. Flores-Gunkle

Hello Ronald Flores-Gunkle. I’m glad you enjoyed my piece today, and thanks for checking out my work. The company I work for (SIMmersion.com) creates simulations of difficult conversations that allow professionals to practice them before they get in the real world. It’s a fun and difficult job. Right now, for example, I’m working on a conversation that helps medical professionals talk to parents of obese toddlers.

The simulations look like a Skype conversation. For the conversation I’m writing right now, when you sit down across from the character, you are talking to one of five potential versions of her. Each version has four different moods. (This is what makes our simulations unique — we simulate realistic emotion.) The characters moods change in the conversation like a real person’s moods change. The goal of my current conversation is to motivate the character to set goals that will promote her family’s health.

It can be tedious for the writers because we have to imagine not only what a user will want to say, but how each version of each character will respond in each mood (also, there’s some math involved). At the same time, it’s rewarding because I get to bring these characters to life, and I get to create things that help people.

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