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Chapters will be published nightly, beginning on May 17, 2016.


Chapter 1: Terrified at 2A.M.

Chapter 2: Dinner with Troy and Chrissy

Chapter 3: Lunch with the Staff

Chapter 4: Paintball with the Youth

Chapter 5: Hello Bernard

Chapter 6: Hello Johnny


Chapter 7: Rudy’s House

Chapter 8: Merry Christmas

Chapter 9: The Hobbit House

Chapter 10: David’s Day in Court

Chapter 11: Johnny Gets a Job

Chapter 12: A Fancy Tuesday

Chapter 13: Rube’s Mom

Chapter 14: Tucker Buys a House


Chapter 15: Tucker Goes to the Dump

Chapter 16: Happy Birthday

Chapter 17: The Full Staff

Chapter 18: Lynchburg

Chapter 19: Running

Chapter 20: The Morning After

Chapter 21: Don’t You Die on Me

Chapter 22: The House

Chapter 23: Cussing Over Chinese Food

Chapter 24: At David’s House

Chapter 25: An Intruder

Chapter 26: A Difficult Conversation

Chapter 27: Goodbye Johnny

Chapter 28: Hello David


Chapter 29: Regrouping

Chapter 30: Goodbye Rudy

Chapter 31: Ruben Takes the Lead

Chapter 32: Goodbye Bernard

Chapter 33: Rashid Does His Thing

Chapter 34: Dinner with Troy and Chrissy


Chapter 35: A New Beginning

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