Here be Dragons: Podcasting Startup

The challenge of community summarized one picture

There’s lots of new startups creating apps for Podcasting these days. They’re building new apps for listening like Spotify Now, Overcast 2.0, and others in this list. They’re also building new discovery experiences, like Product Hunt Podcasts. I’ve been trying to keep track using ProductHunt, but it might just be a losing battle. Still, if you’re interested in the space follow my (Talk) Radio 2.0: aka Podcasting on Product Hunt.

Startup School Podcast — Episode 14, as see here

Look closely at that picture. What do you see? I see the key challenge of building a community — getting the right balance between givers and takers, producers and consumers. Let me show you:

Look closely:

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110465 views, but only 1 comment

Those are the only numbers you need to know. That’s why SoundCloud is a great place to host your podcast, but there’s no vibrant discussion there. The tools exist. No one uses them. Podcast startups take note. Here be dragons.