James Finn
Feb 14 · 1 min read

Sharp, data-driven articles like this can go big on Medium, but the process isn’t automatic. Distribution here is more driven by human curators and other Medium staff than by algorithms.

I think your text has everything they’re looking for, but if you want them to put your writing in front of lots of people, you need to look at guidelines and follow formatting standards.

A pain! ;-)

One thing they would need is a header image, a high resolution photo or other graphic at the top of the story, like you’d see in newspaper or magazine article. For current-events pieces like this, I often select a public domain image from Wikimedia Commons.

Also, be careful to credit and link all graphics. Medium won’t distribute a piece that might have copyright issues. Your graphs in this piece are fine. You’re certainly allowed to cite data so long as it’s credited and linked to original sources.

I bet if you read up a bit and follow guidelines, you could find a very large audience here.

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