The types of errors present in survey data, and how to minimize them.

When working with data, the data preparation process can be quite a headache. However, the importance of data QA is undeniable. You can develop the most sophisticated, cutting-edge model to answer a business question — but ultimately if the data is unreliable, the model is often rendered useless. This rings true even when considering survey data.

Reliability and the limiting of potential bias is a central issue that permeates survey research. As you’ll see, the way traditional survey data is formed differs from modern data collection. It is intricate, and involves carefully constructed methods of sampling. Naturally however, sampling introduces…

A candid, practical guide to harness the power of stories to ignite monumental change — not just on the job, but in everything you do.

You have probably heard a lot about storytelling, being able to tell a story, or using data to tell a story. These phrases are so commonly used that you’d think it’s almost supposed to be intuitive. It sounds simple, but I would argue it’s not. I know for myself, it was something I worked really hard at to grasp.

Perhaps in your career, you’ve come to realize that presenting and communicating information is a mainstay…

Justin Fleury

Data science practitioner trying to make sense of the world. LinkedIn:

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