Hardships for Freedom

The only things you could hear in the bottom of the ship is the slave’s crying, their tears were dropping down to their lips allowing them to taste the saltiness of their own tears. You could see that the slaves were crying till death all side by side huddling and shaking and their teeth rattling.

“We all sat down crying and with sadness in our faces, wishing for someone to bring us the freedom we needed” he thought to himself.

The floor was covered with blood, body odor, urine and feces that made some of the other slaves faint to death. We all wanted freedom but there was no way to get freedom except from death or escaping happily. Yet, now our lives had become herculean and tough for a long time.

“Tonight we will quell our fears. We will live through winning or losing victory of gaining our liberty” I thought to myself.

We, slaves were all tired of being in the bottom of the ship treated like animals. The slaves that Captain Mr. Rudo had gotten he had separated slaves from families by force. Every two weeks, some of the slaves were thrown to the sea for behaving bad or just for anything. There was children, women and men chained up head to toe like dangerous dogs on a back yard sweating and starving.

“Why don’t you chain yourselves up and see how it feels to treat a human beings like animals!” yelled Akilah while looking at Captain Mr. Rudo coming down the stairs at the bottom of the ship.

Then, Captain Mr. Rudo took some slaves up to the upper part of the ship. Captain Mr. Rudo only took Akilah and another kid, two womans and three mens to get fresh breeze. While the slaves went up the stairs and opened the door that led to the top they started to feel the fresh breeze that their faces and hair felt very soft and fresh like a lettuce. Once the seven slaves were on the upper part of the sailboat Captain Mr. Rudo and the slave traders sat them down in wooden swollen floors that were dirty and greasy. Then, when the slaves were sat down they started to talk together.While the sailors were not paying attention.

“Aye you kid?” wispered one of the men slaves to Akilah sitting one person away from him.
“What?” replied Akilah whispering.

The men said whispering to Akilah,“Okay you distract the slave traders and Captain Mr. Rudo so we can get out of here and get our freedom”.

“Alright” Akilah whispering happily with a smile on his face to the men.

Furthermore, Akilah then started to distract the others by saying something’s.
Akilah screamed to the slave traders, “Look over there there’s sharks they’re gonna destroy your ship kill them!” Yelled Akilah to the men’s.

Then one of the men sitting two seats away from Akilah started to unchain himself with a pin he had in his hair while his hands sweating and his teeth rattling. He took about 10 seconds to unchained himself then he passed the pin to the other slaves to unchain themselves too. After a minutes or so passed then all the slaves were all unchained but were hiding their hands behind their backs so the slave traders wouldn’t notice.Then the man that’s two seat away from Akilah started to say things to the others slaves like.

“So when I count down to three we will all attack the slave traders and I’ll kill them with my knife.” Told the guy to the other slaves while whispering.
“One, Two, Three!” yelled the guy out loud.
“Attack!” screamed Akilah.

Then, all the slaves started to attack the slaves traders by hitting them, punching them that there’s hands started to bleed and they grabbed some materials around the upper part of the ship then some slaves and slave traders started to die. The boat floor was covered on blood and organs that you could see death in your eyes. Blood was all over the place it splashing and splashing like a washing machine. Now, there was only Captain Mr. Rudo to kill him, but he came from the back of a few slaves which contained Akilah and then shot him right in the back with a shotgun. In addition, all the slaves ran and follow Captain Mr. Rudo they started to chop him down into pieces with knives guns and other harmful weapons and started throwing the pieces of him to the sea.

“We won by victory” screamed a slave men while he cried in tears of happiness.

But then a woman interrupted and said, “Help me!! My child is dying someone one help mee!!” screamed the lady while we all watch the kid die. 
Then we all backed down because all of the sudden bright lights started to come out Akilah that it almost made us blind while looking at him. All of the sudden something happened, we were back in our belongings where we were taken away from our loved ones and families. But then we all stared at the sun while god was taking Akilah with him by bring us the freedom we all prayed night and day. We all had suffered from this hardships but till we all got our freedom by victory and by a brave child Akilah that died for us to get our freedom.

Then, we all stared at the sun and said, “Thank you god for your love and your courage of letting us live back with our loved ones and families please make sure to thank Akilah for us for our freedom”. And then we all just went back to home and enjoyed the rest of our lives with our families and friends and of course our freedom that no one can take away from us never. But with Akilah in our hearts.

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