(Apple) Watch Words — just how hooked am I?

For nearly a week now, I have been struggling with a slow-charging Apple Watch. And like most tech issues which are “intermittent” in nature, the frustration is incredible.

After first “blanking out” last Saturday evening, I have been trying any number of things to get my year-old Apple 38mm Watch to go back to its/my normal routine. For me, “normal” includes wearing it at night and charging it for an hour or so in the mornings before my day really starts. For the past five-plus days, I have tried multiple resets, and even a trip to my local Genius bar on Sunday, where I was informed the ambient light sensor was not functioning and a depot repair would cost $199. I am still frustrated but not giving up. My new routine has me babying the watch along with lengthy charging sessions where the “percent charge” creeps up advancing something like 1% every 10 minutes, rather than the more typical 1% per minute I have experienced the past year.

Unhappily, getting up to 36% charged is a good thing these days!

One thing this ordeal tells me — I like my Apple Watch! While this experience offers the excuse to try a different brand of smartwatch or fitness tracker (I had a Pebble prior to my Apple), I don’t want to change, at least until a new and improved Apple Watch comes along. With $350 spent on the original, and then $50 on a new Apple band this spring, it’s a sizable investment (for me at least) but that is not the point — I get a lot out of benefit out of wearing the watch!

I hope to get a second opinion from another Genius bar, while I am in the vicinity of another Apple Store. Fingers crossed!

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