We Need to Talk About Age Diversity in Tech
Steven Levy

Nixon? I remember the FIRST time he ran for president!

As a Baby Boomer from dead center of the cohort (b. 1952), I find the dearth of fellow boomers very noticeable across many segments of the tech industry. As an industry analyst/blogger following printing and imaging for the last 10 years (after working in same for 25 years with HP), it is interesting to me that the printer business, and HP, seem to have a higher median age among participants, and that is especially true of the analyst community (i.e. lots my age or thereabouts). Go figure?

But don’t cry for me! In my day-to-day life, I very much enjoy keeping up with tech areas like mobile and social media, and passing along my knowledge and enthusiasm to contemporaries — some are even interested!

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