Bye Bye Medium

Picture from Jason Blackeye on Unsplash

It has been a long time since I posted something here, on Medium. Back when it all started I really liked what Medium had to offer. The writing experience was simple. The audience was growing rapidly. Then, suddenly, things changed because Medium decided to maximize the revenues over the content. Again, we became of product. So, as part of my plan to consolidate my Internet presence, just like I did with Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook, I’m quitting Medium too. And as for Facebook or Tumblr, I’m not alone doing the same.

I returned to WordPress. Yes it is harder to get attention. Sometimes I feel a bit alone. But it is worth it. Because, I’m not the product of somebody who is making money on my behalf. And I’m not making money on behalf of my readers too. I value them too much for that. I’ll leave this to others. I’m not even part of this “‘ad” business as I’m a paying member of WordPress. If you go to, you won’t see any ads. I despise them.

So, the adventure ends here. See you on my personal blog, Numeric Citizen. You are all welcomed. You’ll find someone being true to his passions: Apple, photography, privacy and climate change. Hope you’ll follow me there! Bye.