Top 3 Architectural Photographers

Randy Scott Slavin

New York-based photographer Randy Scott Slavin’s work takes on a form that strays from traditional photography of city skylines. Instead of going for the typical view of the landscape format following the horizon line, Slavin opts to decenter the viewer all together by joining hundreds of photographs together to create distorted views of familiar American cityscapes. The series of “Alternative Perspectives”, provides an unprecedented point of view of places like New York City. Slavin comes as an alternative from the straightforwardness of most other architectural photographers, and reminds us that photography does not always depict things as they actually are.

Simona panzironi

The work of Italian photographer Simona Panzironi have a genuine and civilian quality about them, and at the same time seem to capture the essence of the buildings she chooses as her subjects. The majority of projects carried out by professional architectural photographers have a clinical air about them. They often feel like mug shots of an imposing façade or glory shots of an inviting interior. Panzironi manages to make the photographs of the exterior and interior spaces cohesive, and strings them together. A takes you on a journey, one which you feel like your on a tour of the building.

Andrea Stone

Andrea Stone is an influential photographer who currently specialises in architecture. But more specifically “city reflections”. Previous to this she was a psychoanalytic therapist in private practice for 25 years. 20 of those years she was photographing. She kept cutting back my therapy schedule until she was a photographer full time. To me Andrea is not only one of the world’s finest photographers, but someone I consider to be a friend and a great mentor.

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