Top 3 inspirational Photographers of the modern age

Chase Jarvis

Is a world class photographer, director, artist and entrepreneur. And in my opinion the best and most inspiring photographer of the modern age. He’s a creative community who has changed the our outlook on the ways in which we create and share our work.

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Chris Prescott

Chris is an adventure photographer and filmmaker based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He specialises in climbing, mountaineering, biking and skiing. He’s constantly pushing himself and the industry in which he works in. Some of his most famous work includes the photographs of Danny Macaskill.

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Adam Kokot

He’s a sports and lifestyle photographer. Adam’s work has regularly been published in major mountain magazines. He’s won several awards and was a finalist of the contest “Human Rights on camera” run by National Geographic. Adam’s constantly pushing himself, to create the ultimate image. One which will have a lasting impression on the viewer.

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