The Age of Amateurs
Laetitia Vitaud

I like your story. But the opener on uber and black cab gives it no chance

Uber drivers are a far to be on par with black cab drivers (and those are note without their shortcoming either). They can provide a very basic service (driving from A to B in fluid traffic and assuming no road work which in London is very rare).

  • If the GPS cannot find a solution to a road closure, you are out of luck (tried that)
  • Seeing them trying to avoid a traffic jam is comical at best and can drive you crazy if you are the passenger as your driver frantically goes from one dead end to another (whilst the GPS recalculates the next shortest route back to the traffic jam)
  • Above all they are a liability to everybody around them. The eyes, and sometime hand, on their phone make them oblivious to heir environment (pedestrians, cyclist and other drivers beware) and above all is purely illegal (don’t use the phone while driving)

If the reader get there, you actually conclude by raising an interesting issue (ways to decouple work / passion / revenue / social protection). More on this would be great to read. But the UBER / Deliveroo & CO, whilst they are driving down costs by making everybody a free lancer are just pushing us in the opposite direction…

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