Native functions not working on Apple Magic Keyboard unless connected

I’ve had an issue with my Apple Magic Keyboard 2 connecting to my iMac. When I am connected with a cable, it works fine. When I have it connected wirelessly, none of the native function keys work (it acts as though I pressed F11 instead of turned the volume down). I’ve found a solution!

A lot of articles I read online said upgrade to El Capitan, not so handy if you already have.

After plenty of trial and error, I finally solved it though. Follow these steps, hopefully it helps you too:

  1. Hold “Alt” and “Left-Shift” and click the bluetooth icon in the system tray (top right of your screen).

2. Choose “Factory reset all connected Apple devices” in the “Debug” section.

3. You’ll then need to reconnect them again, probably using the cable.

If yours is like mine, it should now work wirelessly with the native functions.