Ikea Takes A Deeper Look Into Their Customer’s Struggles

By using video, Ikea’s U.S. Media Manager, Alia Kemet, helped to illustrate the power of showcasing customer’s challenges with interior decorating. It’s a series that tells the story of multiple families and couples. The videos are not only educational but also inspiring and humorous. The particular episode I looked at was published on August 26, 2015. An Ikea decorator examines a family’s home while they express the issues that they’ve had in the past with decorating. The family wants to redo their master bedroom so that it can be a space they can retreat to from their kids. They want their space to not only be functional but also looking elegant and fresh. The family expresses the trouble that they have had in the past with redecorating. Particularly, the family goes into detail by describing that they also use their bedroom as an office space. They don’t have a lot of closet space and do not know how to create more efficient space. At the end of the video, the customers appear to be extremely satisfied with their newly decorated bedroom/office.

Ikea paid for the series and it was inspired by one of their U.S. Media Managers. It is clear that Ikea is behind it because the people who visit each home are wearing bright yellow Ikea shirts. It is a new style of campaign from what they usually do because it features “real” people. Each story shows people that have reached out to Ikea because they need help decorating. I think it is a fresh and and new story because it shows a new perspective. A lot of people are able to learn ways to decorate their own homes by watching the videos. There are several stories with people facing real problems such as having kids that create a mess, or own a small living space. Ikea shows ways to decorate and renovate using their products and help inspire new looks. Most of the audience’s feedback is positive, stating that they liked the ideas each video gave (Youtube comments). I suppose some complaints are that the stories were created by Ikea which means it might potentially be biased. Also, another issue could be the cost of redecorating. It is unclear how much all the new furniture costs at the end of each episode.

It is important for other organizations to focus on the customer’s wants and needs because that is one of the top priorities. Ikea was able to do exactly that with their new campaign. In each story, they showed new struggles that people have with their homes and then ways to go about fixing them. I think it makes a lot more sense to show how Ikea’s products can look in “real homes” because it gives the consumer a more realistic sense of how certain furniture and home decor can be used; instead of showing their products in a magazine or commercial. A lot of people see a certain item from Ikea but don’t know how it would work in their own home. By doing a series, it helps Ikea reach out to a wider audience with different circumstances. Some of the videos feature families while others show couples living in apartments. I enjoyed seeing all the different spaces and learning how to go about transforming a variety of rooms within a home. Ikea did a successful job marketing their products in a way that was not obnoxious but rather helpful and entertaining. All of the spaces had a dramatic finish that looked a lot more organized and stylish.