What Makes A Successful Superbowl Ad

The H&M commercial is about David Beckham doing a photo shoot wearing only underwear. However, he gets locked out of the building and has to find his way back. The ad’s target audience is younger men in their 20's and early 30's that aspire to have sex appeal like David Beckham. Also potentially reaching out to girlfriends that want to buy the brand for their significant other. The tone of the commercial is humorous as well as a little bit of mystery. The company is not identified until the end of the advertisement when H&M flashes their logo for a few seconds. There is a beginning, middle, and end structure to the advertisement. The beginning is when David Beckham first gets locked out. Whereas the rising action begins as he tries to make his way back by hanging from a rope to slide towards the side of a building. The climax is when he finally gets to the photo shoot but loses his underwear as he enters the building. The resolution is the photographer smirking at him and the photo shoot picking back up again.

The Doritos Superbowl commercial “Goat 4 Sale”, is about a a man that buys a goat while eating Doritos. When he brings the goat home, he displays his collection of Doritos. The goat is extremely interested in the Doritos and eats them for a day straight. The target audience for the advertisement are middle aged men looking for a great snack. Furthermore, targeting men watching the Superbowl that want something without the hassle of cooking. The structure of the narrative does include a beginning, middle, and end. The exposition takes place when he purchases the goat and takes him home. Afterwards, the rising action takes place when the man hears the goat loudly chewing the Doritos. The climax is when the goat discovers that he has hidden all of the Doritos and begins screaming. Lastly, the falling action/resolution is when the goat finally finds the Doritos. The Doritos brand is shown immediately when the commercial begins.

I think that both commercials are similar in terms of having a beginning, middle, and end. I think that the H&M commercial does have a hint of humor but the Doritos commercial sides more so with that tone. Also, the H&M commercial is more likely to get shared due to the sex appeal of David Beckham. I think the H&M commercial is a stronger narrative because it is memorable. Most men will want to look like David Beckham and have the same appeal as him. Whereas, women will see the Doritos commercial and think of the main character as being “lazy” and discourage the product.