Wanting to level up with React, Redux, Flow and Router, I found Seed’s Frontend Homework assignment describing the basic frontend to an invoice web app — and thought it was a good problem to experiment with. Below is my linked solution, and commentary on my experience working with those technologies.

Repo on GitHub:


Overview of a Rails project with user management & authentication to proxy serve a private, single-page app.

JFMK-Auth is an open source, personal web app that securely serves an instance of my demo work portfolio to an authenticated, private audience. While it’s not a new or unique problem, the project gave me a testing ground to work with Rails 5.0 & Docker Compose 3. This post walks…

How to configure, run, and debug Capybara tests with a Selenium Standalone Docker Compose service.

VNC Viewer interfacing with Selenium standalone debug Docker Compose service (with time lapse).

TLDR; See github.com/jfroom/docker-compose-rails-selenium-example for a fully functional demo, Travis CI integration, and more documentation.

Using Capybara & Selenium to run automated tests in an actual end user browser is a great approach to CI/CD for a Ruby/Rails based web application with JavaScript. However, setting this up on a developer desktop…

Save development time by using a Docker entrypoint & volume to persist Bundler’s cache across builds & Gemfile changes.

Photo Credit: Nicole Wasko

TLDR; See github.com/jfroom/docker-compose-rails-selenium-example for a fully functional demo, and more documentation.

When Bundler is involved, keeping a Docker Compose Ruby project’s build times low in a quickly changing, multi-branched development environment is not trivial. A common approach is to call a variation of RUN bundle install in the Dockerfile …

It takes a certain individual & special chemistry to make remote work successful.

Brian followed his dreams, and moved to the west coast.

Never Felt Out of Touch

One of my friends, and favorite developers, that I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and manage work for — is a chap named Brian.

We worked together locally in Chicago for a year. When he decided it was time to move to San Francisco, I was happy that he…

How I re-establish work balance when it comes off track.

Considering that most working aged adults spend a majority of their waking hours working, I believe it is a personal responsibility to take control of my professional destiny and well-being, insomuch as I have control.

How could something as important as this be left in the hands of anyone else…

Jeffrey Froom

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