Do 1 Thing: Rollover Or Rescue Your Old Retirement Accounts
Ester Bloom

If there’s a prize for the biggest unclaimed windfall, can we get one for the smallest, too? My wife changed jobs in 2014 and we dutifully rolled her old 401k into her new one. Then, a few months ago, we got notice that there were some ancient math miscalculations in the administration of her old 401k and so we should’ve gotten more money … around $3.25 more. And instead of just sending that as a rollover check to the same place they sent the last rollover check, they reactivated her moribund account. So now she has a 401k account with her old employer worth $3.40 (it’s well invested, at least!). Rolling it over would of course involve contacting her old employer, filling out forms, etc., and I know we should but the whole thought of it just makes me EXHAUSTED.

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