Comma EON: tmux cheatsheet for NEOS

Jun 20, 2018 · 3 min read
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This is more of a reference post rather than a tutorial.
The EON is specifically different with normal tmux documentation.

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Although I don’t understand the reasoning just yet, I can tell you the basics of what I’ve learned. I will continue to update this reference as I get more information. I’m also going to give you a cross platform view of different ways to attach tmux in different terminal emulators. From what I’m seeing, they’re all the same.

If you’re just looking to detach from tmux on EON, the hot keys are `+ d

Open Terminal / PowerShell

On Mac: CMD+SPACEBAR and type Terminal and press Return.

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On Windows: Press theWINDOWS KEY on your keyboard and type PowerShell and Right click the result and click Run as Administrator or right click the Start Menu icon and go to Power Shell (Admin)

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I recommend getting comfortable with PowerShell and using Chocolatey Package Manager + OpenSSH.
Learn how to set this up by following my guide below:

On Ubuntu: CTRL+ALT+T

You will remain in Terminal / PowerShell for the majority of this article series.

Get Connected

Ensure your EON is connected to the same wifi network as you and then connect to it via SSH like so:

ssh root@<IP_ADDRESS_OF_EON> -p 8022 -i ~/.ssh/openpilot_rsa

For additional information on how to SSH into your EON, checkout my article on Connecting to EON via SSH. It also contains information on determining your EON’s IP address, and its Wifi settings.

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You can attach to the tmux session with the standard command:

tmux attach


Detaching from the EON tmux session is different than normal…

On Mac: ` + d
On Linux: ` + d
On Windows w/ OpenSSH: ` + d
On Windows w/ PuTTY: ` + d

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