Comma EON: Initial Setup with OpenPilot

As you may or may not know, the EON is NOT sold with OpenPilot pre-installed. Comma, Inc. does not currently sell a product to drive your car for you. There are steps you must take to install this software on your EON after you first receive it and it’s not entirely straight forward so that’s why I’m writing this simple but hopefully detailed guide to ease the pain.

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Oh doesn’t it always feel nice to open something new…

Before we get started, it’s important to note that some of these steps and screens may change as the software updates change so please bare with me as I keep this up to date as quickly as possible. Use your imagination if some things are different.

Using the provided USB power adapter and cable plug in the EON to power.
This will trigger the EON to boot up.

EON Startup Screen

The initial setup just sets up the initial dashcam software.
We will get to the installation of OpenPilot next.

Tap the ‘Set up your EON’ button to continue.

Welcome to EON

Read through the terms & conditions by scrolling down with your finger until you get to the bottom.

Then click I agree.

Review Terms

This step may not be available in some versions of OpenPilot.
I’ve seen it get skipped in some cases but if it shows for you, feel free to select your WiFi and connect.
If it does automatically skip for some reason, no fear — you can add this later.

If you have a SIM card with an active data plan, insert it into the slot on the side of the EON. If not, no worries — you can either roll without a SIM card and upload via WiFi (like I do) or you can go get one later.

This is the basic “Home” screen you’ll see whenever EON comes on.

The New Destination and My Drives buttons are for Chffrplus.
If you’re seriously just using the EON for Chffrplus, then you can stop now with this guide and enjoy.

If you’re planning to use OpenPilot, you probably won’t ever use the buttons on this screen very often.

In order to install OpenPilot, we must first uninstall the existing Chffrplus software. In the end, Chffrplus is just OpenPilot minus a basic setting… but this is the friendly installer so we must go through this process.

Tap on Settings on the home screen.

Scroll down the setting screen and tap on Uninstall

Confirm your choice by tapping Uninstall once more.

Your EON will restart.

Now you will be taken through a series of prompts.

Go to settings, tap reboot and allow Base UI if prompted

If you did not insert a SIM card earlier, you will probably get prompted again for this. You can just skip it as you could before.

In some versions of OpenPilot there is a prompt like this that temporarily displays. It’ll go away on its own I believe, or just hit Skip.

You will be definitely need to connect to Wi-Fi at this point since the next step requires a download from Comma.

Enter that now.

A NEOS Program as of right now is just OpenPilot.
Enter the following address in the box:

Press Done to continue.

Review the Terms & Conditions and press Accept.

Now you will be taken back to the Dashboard screen where you will press Sign In, which will load a prompt to Google Login.

Go to Settings, tap reboot and allow Base UI if prompted

You will need a Google Login to continue as of today. This may change later I’m sure as Comma’s system matures.

Once logged in, that’s it! You should now be running OpenPilot.

It looks a lot like Chffrplus, the only difference is — when plugged into a Giraffe / Panda, you will enable LKAS / ACC features of OpenPilot when you start your car and it’s plugged in correctly.

Enjoy! Scroll down for more articles and useful next steps.

As always, if I seem to have missed something, or your experiences were different than above — let me know in the comments or hit me up on community Discord. My username is @jfrux.

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