RFC for UX Inspiration for OpenPilot v0.4.8+

Today some fellow community members in the Comma Slack read my mind. The next version of Openpilot should ditch a lot of the ChffrPlus features and streamline the system to be focused purely on OP. I believe George may have even said yes, they would be removing them in coming versions of OP.

That gave me some ideas and I instantly went to work on conceptualizing what I would want in an interface. Since this is kind of my wheelhouse I figured I’d take a shot at sending the Comma team some love and maybe it will inspire them for their next UI. WHO KNOWS!

Openpilot RFCs

I’ve created a repo for maintaining RFCs related to openpilot. These would be formal community-driven requests for comments on possible or existing PR’s on the commaai/openpilot repo.

You can find the new openpilot-rfcs repo here:

It has information on how to contribute a new RFC. Read the README thoroughly before submitting. It’s easy to do and can be done from the GitHub.com interface without any Git knowledge.

Also, all RFC’s merged will be built into the website version of it found here:

Early Design Comps

My idea was to completely remove the concept of an mobile operating system with apps and things and build the UI as if it’s solely bound to this piece of hardware. No outs or exits, just the experience of holding an authentic openpilot device in your hands.

There will be several screens in Figma as the weeks pass but these would be the 3 most commonly used so I’m sharing early versions of them here. See the Figma link at the end for real-time updates.

Connect Eon to Panda

You get in your vehicle, and your screen looks something like so…

You connect EON to Panda, and boom…

Openpilot is ready

The screen transitions and openpilot is ready. Very obvious and clear that it’s ready, not just a small “paired” bubble, it’s now front and center.

openpilot is ready

You press the ignition button on your car, it fires up and you drive away…

Uploading your drives

Later on, you get connected to wifi and when you have drives to upload … I like to believe it might look a little something like this…

I have so much more to share but I wanted to throw this out there. I get far too excited about this stuff.

Comma and OpenPilot are doing very inspirational things and they inspire me every day. Would definitely love to give back and share my work with them free and open of course.

Feel free to poke around on my Figma link from this session…


UX @ Newsy, The E.W. Scripps Co.

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