Why your parent’s love will RUIN your future
Tiffany Sun

Interesting take Tiffany. As a former child and now parent, I will say this. If you end up having a child, the tightrope between allowing your child to learn/fail and protecting them is one of the most challenging processes that will run the entire length of your child’s life. Different that your upbringing, I was set free to fail often but without much guidance or support and I continue to feel I lost valuable years of development because of this. So it’s a bit like ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ when I compare it to your description of your parent’s model. Today, the way we guide our only child is a mix between my dysfunctional history and my wife’s functional (Asian, mid-sized family with amazing parents) history. Simply, life is and always will be a series of problems to solve and the reflection on how previous efforts passed or failed. Again, it will be interesting to see how your views alter once you experience parenthood. I’ll stay tuned for that :) Keep up the great writing. Loving the journey you are taking us on.

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