Suicide and Suicide Prevention: Combination not without Intercedent

John 14October

This is a difficult thing for me. If you have any opinion about me ask your self. Have I been out spoken? Have I talked a lot? Do I seem like a man of ‘ few words ‘ to You? Is there a reason for You not to trust me?

For the things I have been talking about, those being suicide and suicide prevention and the more….. Are those on any level appropriate to think on? And to act towards for ?

Now as of Friday there is a report from That County Sheriff to Our County Sheriff to issue a cause and a warning to me. (This is all I can say). This girl who is my age-ish is one option that I believe can help (me) finish the S.P. Project model, my bit. Which has yet to be determined worthy for practice.

Really that is the trueth. That is what and how to say it. There is a chance that the report is actually originating by her mother who lives with her. And maybe Lenore thinks I want a personal relationship and is not interested.

In December of 2010 after 30yrs I went over to the her address and visited Lenore from ‘the past’. She is someone who I today wanted to explain about this S.P. Project. What my beliefs are regarding her possible help with my addition to it. And about why I am wanting this project the way I do.

I am willing to take it once finished to the NYS Association of School Psycologists.

I sent Lenore a package. She was injured in an assault in Buffalo on August 8, 1988. I got a letter which was registered. There are two possibilities. Perhaps brain damage from those injuries. The handwriting shows her hands shake to a great degree. If true I sent something On hope she tried using for the better.

When I visited her in 2010 her mother called her cell phone. Her mother definitely does not like me having anything to do with Lenore. Lenore asked if I wanted to go into the house, I said no and we visited in my vehicle. In the dark and we barely spoke about anything. She took the foodstuff favors from the farmer’s market and I left.

For my own reasons I believe if Lenore was the voice on my presentation to read my section from me, that would be the best for it. How all proves out, well I don’t know. But I guess that is what beliefs are really. Life is itself.

I also believe that a student who is asked by his or her school to respond “to those two questions put two ways” will decide against taking suicide by choice. Because of the prior participations given the program. That the process of such a creation for student school and parent participation gets there. If I think strongly that a certain voice is my best choice I should find it.

‘Everything is an Un Precedent until done the first time’.

To me Her voice is the one for my project. My bit in it. I wanted to tell her my intentions from 2010 till today. To ask her to help me with explainations. She lives on a land marked trail used by the early explorers. I sent her some rope, that has no such trail here. I sent her a sweater for the November. I sent her some knives for her hands to handle them and settle them down.

Talking with the Chief Deputy he said I needed to get credibility. I thought What does that mean?”. I think it means telling someone something that is welcomed by that person and then not withdrawing any help that is being represented.

He said ‘ it is not easy but show me what You got.’ So should there be added another black mark? I think of the PINS and STAR programs. How they are brought in and administered. I talk on reversing student participation from a base of their own personal interest. Out of optimism and ambitions being possessed and further more of those traits acquired…..

I am sorry for the black marks, the negativeness.

I characterized my ‘partnership with Lenore’ regarding this suicide prevention project as a combination. Because of what I know about her and of my self. (This is) the one thing she and I may have as a reason to have ever seen each other. And is. In my opinion.

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