What Comes First? Psych Leave and Reserve Officer/Personnel Training are only a phone call away Or The Need for Reserve Officer Training?

There is the problem. The Why Why Why and the Why. How Would a Help Card be of Use? They can be Dumbed Down. Removed/Transformed like the words ‘I Love You’ into what after every phone call home…..from Full intent. Made to be a Statement of Everyday Life. Used in the Hospital as InTake and In Clinics. So, lets not put them out for the rest of the needy. Bcuz to much can ( and says ) be shown on the side of poor human nature. Read On.

Impartiality onto the Word impartiality. Or there would not be seen a cause and claim and any need to ask. This opening first question. The How So is in that moment. Use and Abuse. The intent is to find good and to have more good hearts with these Help Cards. I meant there are only seven words on each. ‘We Will Get The Help You Need’. Would there come a ‘downside’. The poorer sides to Human Nature — Gaming the System, and kill ‘their’ intent.

Oh there is more. And,

As any hijack question or What may maybe comes along. Can also be great and good……My advise is to let the asking person as well as a giving person look for his own answer, on evidence of , “You Ever been on Your own death bed?” Can’t be fun. Just think how do folks get there? Some in more a worst case scenario. Maybe the best way to go is a reversal of every system at one time in the body? Not as literally depicted by the Benjamin Button movie LOL…

If You were kept alive? Spared from death. Human nature many ways has made it pretty clear. You do not live Your life the same. Ask those who have been. That brings together every reason to think on the comparision. This or that.a On a serious level. Who would truly think gaming is better for each having a comparing intent. Do You see? Read On. Use a paper sheet….suppose the this and the that. Could we imagine total acceptance? Suicide by Help Card, but no. I think its more on if Your heart is there and not in conflict with your inner beliefs (brains) at the time, but that is just my opinion.

I say the underlying message is That people make attempts but things are most normal When they are the Most Routine. Here control is pretty much given over. This is not a drug, seek Yourself something else, Buddhist Meditation? Drop during? I’m just saying we should all show respect for life. Say this scene. The person you will most likely run down driving drunk is your neighbor maybe a member of your own family getting home. Consider it.

Where else can We find Purpose Following Intent which is saying that a very noticeable spot is where we chose to have it? None for Philosophy, one for pointing at what is right and what is wrong. If You see.

Does having a Help Card supposed to do something at the time it is being offered / used? The Behaviors are First, Middle and End. And figured. Put them out and Oh boy see human nature follow on. Yep put them out and see what happens. Figure Gents.

I will share them here in their ‘under construction form’. Ihope Youdon’t get them handed toYou,but if happens I for one would like You to get ‘connected’ and You should also.

Which is it? Think ?that many accidents are already caused by actions that could have been avoided.? Think that for any case of injury there is the ‘causee’ and effected. Anyone on both sides whether in cars or due to violence if You are hurt You face shock and bleeding. Deep shock and accelerated heart rates. What’s then the best case? ………..Getting calm and putting Your trust and faith in the first responder. The cards are his aid and Your gesture from that person.

What is here saying,

Punishments take into account who else got hurt and when actions that should not have happened cause someone else’s pain and loss……….So when that is closed out and handled by the justice system the ‘next everyone’ will receive the same fair treatments either as the cause or on the effect side. We know who is who. The guilty and the innocent. At the time either may be needing to have trust and faith.

Far be it from We who look for good hearts. But remember that a good heart replaces the old if it was a bad one. Get close to death or scarily Sheitless and see how feelings speaks to You. There is the problem. You be like A cartoon character looking to get an Anchor on Your life. To hold onto Your thinking somewhere. Ask the guy that crawls away and doesn’t remember.

That is how people decide protections. Do We Undo because of lack of those benefits? Do we throw out inclusions on benefits? Do benefits mean to bring down a work force attendance numbers? I guess it matters whether operations can be gamed and if so Who games any then how many.

My question. Psych leave And Reserve Personnel just a phone call away Or the Need for More Reserve Personnel?

Let no roads be used to hurt mankind. I texted to a friend. He replied, ‘Except for ones used to kill terrorists’.

Well that would be pretty cool to do and not too probable, but what if so. All roads? I owe You the command level bit on ‘work force’. You see I in solving a problem will like You think of what downsides may lurk, got to exist. But I don’t go for simple avoidance. ( What would our kids be like when they like school )?

Commanders and Sergeants ,Lieutenants in ready rooms…..

“Since using these help cards our absentee work force has increased 18%.”

Does that beg the opening question about reserve forces.

(A Hypothetical): Forces in ambulance EMT’s Sheriff and State Police Troopers all Who are union labor? Yeah Union labor, paid to stay home. — — — — — “I am stressed out”’ “those cards and the connection and the Guy Died!!!! “ oh me O’……..”I’ll see you on the 7th calendar day” (the day before compensation cases and doctor’s notes get me out of more reporting). You got to know sometimes the truth and those who don’t consider more than what is on their own agenda, or oh their respective training. I personally don’t attribute more bad than good, but what do I know. I’m Just glad that a Commander locally should not read a hypothetical even the same way as road crew folks. Please! Just my way of saying my fears. And I’m ex-Union as retired from Verizon As an outside plant tech.

Never to burn the bridges, something something…………….

Position after black gave up two bishops and a rook in the opening. Gaining 4 tempo.

So the truth is this. Help card consequences Could go both ways and get taken up regardless, don’t know. Is the Human Natures’ to say No help cards to Commanding Center regulators? And them be Denied? What more can be said about why having them in the first responders’ hands? Next Article maybe another time, and it relates with the Article I wrote on Student Board Formation and more about forming a 501C3 for more down the road. It relates to giving students more say on their own issues, in their own words, and with no pointing fingers regarding the Youth Crisis Managment piece. It relates which Translation of a Social method from student piece to a Veterans’ bit With using group resources there from it. Read more Here. If You not Yet a Fan LOL or Browse my Articles.

I’m also a Critique and abvocate for Retail traders trading stocks on the stock market. Most my recent articles are on the Student issue. By the by the local folks got the misconception on who are these participating students to be. Quite the opposite than who they believe. That’s a subject for a pissing and moaning Article, i don’t kiss ass or BS anybody either. ( that means I don’t even pretend to ). Would hate to drop into piss and moan I-ther. Peace………………………………………………..

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