“What else” Can Your Retail Broker Deny You?

Every trader in part will become involved with it because it is not hard to perceive that You Can make the same money ‘per hr’ with Your account at Your Computer as You did going to work.

For some the drive its self adds costs. For some being in the room with jokesters and others who demean people adds distaste. Hey I have all this money here and I have heard that I can even leverage some of this money on ‘margin’.

In truth wait until You get the kick. You can leverage even more efficiently with options. Because with options You ‘control’ a buy or sell of stocks without even owning them.! Sometimes both with a spread. The long leg is a buy and the short leg is a sell. Now there is a kick! You get to keep the money on so much more stock which Your account could not own outright. One contract equals a buy or sell of 100 shares but You only need to buy or sell the rights to those shares with paying a debit (long) or collecting a credit (short). I mentioned You get to keep a win on 100 contracts which is 10,000 shares, that’s $100 for every penny the stock (underlying) moves in price. And, You lose equally as the price drops per penny.

So. Let’s just think change in price. Keeping in mind change goes both ways. Since You were a Newby once You can understand that purchasing 10,000 or Selling 10,000 outright shares has MORE value than realizing an increase in profit or loss in an option to buy or sell the same quantity of stock.

If Your change in Your account value is 100 dollars for each penny since options leverage the buying power, which do You think Your beginning account value can support better? The change in 10,000 shares or the out right buy or sell of actually 10,000 shares.? It means Leverage can allow for steep gain or steep loss.

Now consider what that means to wall street fat cats? Consider why the moves in an underlying for the options on that underlying (stock name) translates into a specific desired outcome for options players.

I have gone on in these articles on the “ great divide “ between retail and pro traders. How the provided platforms come from the very next level in todays trading environment, the broker. How changes in both fat cat positions can be resisted as well as why it seems platforms are immutable.

You can’t change what it means to be You as a trader on the retail level. Do You even imagine the difference between an option trading subscription based product and the ‘as is’ free trader platform as it treats option data? The differences between pros tools and the ‘ as is ‘ free platform as it treats Published market data?

The strength of my ability to see changes rests in the stand alone Articles to communicate to You that the trading practices of today coupled with the quality of the picture You trade with is the set up for retail’s failure. That no body cares and even wants You to get better chances.

If You enter a trade that by Your own inclinations based in fundamentals or technicals Your inclinations can be right for just a brief time. That as a retail trader IS with limited resources, pick Your choice, but don’t discount this. You can get quickly in a losing trade if the Marketeers are smarter than You. If the Marketeers are seeing shifting numbers and follow on players from testing the price volume distribution. Ways and Means that You with ‘inclination’ can’t. How many times can this happen to The stock on Your screen? What would be any different to choose a different stock? You heard of throwing good money after bad? What about no really meaningful data of accessibility in one stock will somehow be better on another stock? Right. No Fiduciary Node.

The Broker’s Will say “See our research for retail on these many indicators we publish for retail on these many many stocks!” Ummm, true but not what is being talked about by any of my articles on quality and quantity of accessible data.

I am going to try and explain how beginning traders develop their own sense of power and how as they gain knowledge a non-consistent broker can mess with You. I call it “meddling in Your Account”. Just forget past performance being a rear view mirror, or a similar company providing a water mark for the potential price level. Try trading on earnings? May if You have a clue of the in place power for that move. Which we don’t….

One would think that lining the ducks up in a row, jumping through all the hoops, taking their imparted road map You now possess is ‘favorable’. Wrong. You are now a set of their eyes, and the opportunities You think You are on deck to obtain, will end up shall we say included with “somewhere else.” You can’t get more ambiguous. Impossible to explain, impossible to prove.

Why do it happen? Because if I could do it I would. So would You. And as I just said impossible to show (prove). Let’s start adding up our own list of hard stuff then think how much harder a non-consistent broker can make it with ‘change up pitches’.

What is consistent anyway? How do You appreciate a person that helps You in every need? Baby owls is most like the mentally equipped retail trader than anyone I can think of. The green baseball hitter with lightning reflexes.

Each will learn to rely on themselves but faced with their closest influence for better or worse and the game is the stock market, survival, and deceit.

Beginning traders learn via the broker their program, limits on them, and if workarounds exist while time is still a factor. Especially true with options. Since time figures in them biggest while You own control of what can be and more often than not has higher value than Your entire account. This point is “Where my Broker Railroaded Me” (Article published here) .

After You trade for long enough You get schooled on some pretty interesting stuff. You can see how players can do things from the sidelines. Your imagination runs on pure brain juice. For as long as You are focused there is no resource or trick or edge or deployment of that edge You can’t ‘do’. (If You was not You but them who do). Mind Trap because Your body is sent the endorphin regardless.

My broker railroaded me Out of touch with them becuz I called them out to step up in real time and their answer was, “this guy is no longer stupidized” , we listened (put up with) and now he is going off the rails. Give him the boot. (Article) See how far finding others to blame and blaming them gets You. So, for effect that is fruitless. Now ideas! Your thought on a better way! ANNNNT&$&%#+* Keep Off. I called them out.

What happens then? There is so much possible You really start to sense the magnitudes needed for this imagery to be happening, and where are You the retail trader? In a place that absolutely nothing You do and for Most of what You really know and understand bulk retail orders prolly do a small amount on what Wall Street is.

Better, the bulk retail accounts via Your broker’s enable Your brokers to have buying power as they navigate the market with their own set of well equipped traders. You know the terminals the applications, the best data feeds. The best analysis. All ‘Possessed’ by The Next highest retail veil on Wall Street. Is Your Broker Your Friend?

What Have I stated in my Articles about surplus volume, extended depth of book, directional volume, fair price as it is happening. Nope, not ‘lagging’ in the least in any way. Why? Because brokers are one of the players. And players read, determine, assign probability, and measure the force and durations of the trades before, current and next volly from Market data, and their own best effort at it.

You know, all the inner stuff we retail guys can only be imagining we can someday figure how to read the trading from level two and time and sales, and option statistics, and the charts? Well the players make it real.

Well I have gone to them with If this is So, and Means this, and because that is true………it is easy that a solution would be delivered with……then open this closed door is a good beginning……. “If a guy isn’t listening he doesn’t care if you do or how much you do or how much you think he does…..” So where do You go with that? Fox in the Henhouse.

Why do I get peeved? Becuz I have seen into this and asked My broker for things I know we can get as well as things I know I couldn’t from them. In their own language. So now I fight for some standards and You should to. Join the Retail Trader’s Association and Don’t Be Swayed.

Seeking and Obtaining a voice for a standard in broker’s platforms with retail account holders in mind will change Your trading experience. It also will change things for brokers in the future regarding Privatized Social Security. There will always be the choice You get. Either You manage Your account or let them.

The difference in benefits certainly means what are Your best chances for Your money. Different groups of people will get to choose because of a belief they have between factors ranging from thinking it through. The salesmanship takes the chart and tables and puts them in Your face. Wanting it to take one or two points and under 10 minutes to get You to decide.

Keep the vision clear. There is an allure. In 5 or 6 hrs of active trading Will You be able to make Your daily wage on Your Computer at home? How Can You best be able to do that? Means picking first the stock and direction. Force and duration of force, holding up to testing and repeated testing of fair price, and data from the tape.

Between now and Zen when trade practices have allowed pros to completely squeeze every cent of every incremental increase the market will bare out of the batch of stocks they find across all the markets being ‘in play’ there will still be one common bit of data that IS THE MARKET’s FOOT PRINT.

I have given it a name and say it is at the top of the list to stay for a long long time. (Articles) That brokers have made it blatant that they ignore the importance being given in their own language. That brokers desire a maximum share of retail accounts to free trade. That retail will prolly lose first then give up. And Why? Your missed opportunity is their ‘free ride, (Sorry)

Pie In the Sky? Our Solution is their Solution? Sadly Not They Can Have it All with the help from deep pockets and still not need A Retail Association to be happy campers. To Give them props.

But does that mean that retail traders should roll in the Shiet? So You try to be in the right trade at the right time. Look for info Wish for info which happens to be just timed for a Market group of players that have ‘better for themselves’ ideas. Naïveté in Doubters , “if it can be done it should be tried”. Then go from there…..The change in the accounts is no where near the leveraged opportunity and Likely Influence IS Being Shared between Market Makers Specialists WholeSalers and Big Volume reads and tweeks.

Not as much different than the Clouds of Flowing Starlings, incredible shapes, turns and speed. So I say focus on the platform. Consider one possible Lowest Common Denominator. If it is or should be professed at retail level. Then given some meaning. A meaning You can trade differently in Any stock on Any Exchange. If that stock is Being ‘played by Wall Street’ means quicker gains or losses. If by the looks of the day, NOT being played, then give it 5 or 6 hrs and make Yourself (on better chances) $200 — $300 .

But first Realize the Concept. Get something said to Brokers that is Listening on Stuff that Don’t Already Exist. Being brought to them from the outsider. Being restrained by the close circle of those that like things to be just so. You can read the Articles published here about two pieces of a retail trading platform which can define an acceptable standard.

An analogy for Knowing What You Can’t Perceive by Any of Your Senses Can be Still Determined from How An Object Changes From the very thing You don’t Get to Perceive.

You just need to Compare.

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