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“(As an aside, I am sorry for calling you a heretic for your beliefs around this point of doctrine that first go around.)”

Apology accepted.

I hope you also understand that Christians have long differed on what parts of the bible can actually be considered the word of God. Regarding the New Testament, some Orthodox only consider the words that can be attributed to Jesus as the word of God.

20th Century evangelical Christianity truly has moved from Sola Scriptura to Solo Scriptura, contributing to the further dividing of protestant denominations. Both Catholic and Orthodox chruches consider even Sola Scriptura heretical.

I think the fruit of holding scripture in a position it never gives of or attributes to itself is quite plain for all to see. Death, stealing, racism, corruption, all using scripture as justification.

While I do not consider Sola Scriptura heretical, there is another ingredient to that I think Luther was absolutely right in disrupting the Catholic Church but still missed. There has to be a better way we have either abandoned or have yet to find. That is what I think most Christians who are leaving the church, including those you’ve warned against do such here, are getting to.

We don’t need another church or denomination, but there is a new reformation going on, and frankly I am glad of it.


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