The danger of mocking Christians who do not live as Christians is that we may appear to mock the…
Richard Zeile

“Christians who do not live as Christians” do a fine job of mocking those ideals. I would say mocking those Christians already shows an understanding that there is a difference between the Christian and the Christian ideals.

It would be far more helpful if more Christians actually lived like they believed the foundational beliefs you posit. The whole point of Paul’s letter to the Romans was the very hypocrisy you point out.

But instead we either use this ideal as an excuse to continue in sin ourselves (“We’re all broken”) to brand ourselves as the victim. Or as an excuse to anathematize a fellow believer (“He was never really a Christian to begin with”). Or as a power grab (“Since we know the truth, we need to make laws so that everyone believes the same as we do for God’s glory!”).


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