Why Artificial Intelligence will be better than God
Jon Besga

I am sure that will be the case sometime in the probably not too distant future. But so far, if Amazon and Google’s adware intelligence is any indication, it isn’t any where close yet. For two companies that know such about me, they still regularly fail in their recommendations. The ability to properly anticipate, not just respond with light speed reflexes, is still difficult.

Humans haven’t even quite figured out this epistemology thing yet, so I’m not sure yet how we can imbue this into a computer.

“There are no facts if there are not values, because you assign value of what is significant to pick out a pattern… Every perception is assigning value to the clues. You don’t see it if you don’t assign value to it.” Esther Meek

So it isn’t _just_ data, it is the ability to recognize, first, patterns, and then further, _relevant_ patterns.

Of course we get closer and closer with each iteration. Each step builds upon another. The question is when will the momentum hit some sort of critical mass. Do you really think that’s where we are, or do you think we are still not quite there yet?


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