Christians & Diversity — Part 3: Thoughts on Our “Situatedness”
R Scott Smith, PhD

For instance, if discrimination is just a social construct, we lose any moral basis for civil rights protests.

I still haven’t figured out where this “all or nothing” philosophy entered into Christian thinking. Of course it is bollucks. And we, as Christians, even live out discernment in every other aspect of our lives, why do we think it would not apply to our theology?

For instance, just because we have a set of Encyclopedia Britannicas from the days of the USSR does not mean everything in the encyclopedia is wrong and untrustworthy.

Our moral basis is still the same as it has ever been. Where we lose moral bases is when we proclaim one morality but exemplify another. So we can sit up on our thrones and tell the world they shouldn’t fornicate, but then are guilty of it ourselves without consequence, that is when we lose our moral basis.

Or decide to give Christians a pass by the trite expression of “We are all broken and living in a fallen world” but then proceed to push legislation to control the behaviour of others, we lose our moral base.

Or when we decide the poor are unworthy of our protection and support but decide legislating against homosexuality is more important.

Or when we fight against rap music because “words matter” and then turn around and say Trumps words are just “locker room talk”, or otherwise give his lies a pass, we lose our moral basis.

Or proclaim the sanctity of life to oppose abortion, but have no qualms with putting people to death, we lose our moral basis.

Or fight for family values, but have no problem with separating children from the parents at the border, we lose our moral basis.

THAT’S how we lose our moral basis. Not on whether or not morals are objective or universal. What’s the point of an objective or universal moral if we don’t live it out ourselves? There isn’t any.

This was Paul’s entire point in his letter to the Romans. But instead we have decided that his point was about sin control. That is not an objective morality worthy of believing in and is unsupportable.

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