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I think you are misunderstanding his point. The demand is there. People value the work, they want the work. What they don’t value is the artist who created it. They want the work for free or at least without the exchange of funds. Whether they are willing to put up with ads, pay for internet access and to take the time to to download, whether legitmately or nefariously (like Napster in its first incarnation), people obviously want the work. Joe Six-Pack spent a lot of time and effort to avoid paying the artist.

Additionally people are asking artists to provide their work for free in ways they wouldn’t consider asking any other profession to do so. Sure people may try to weasel out a free diagnosis from a doctor they meet on the train. But they wouldn’t go to the doctor and say “Hey, I have this event I’m putting on and I want you to put up a booth and offer free surgery to anyone who comes by. Think of the exposure you’ll receive!”

I agree, however, that this may be a US-centric cultural issue.


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