While I agree with your observation, I have to add the question
Lon Shapiro

I’ll give Isidra Mencos props for at least using this revelation as a learning process and reasoning to write better.

My big question, as in all things art, how is it that two people can write something nearly idtentical and one get over 1k hearts/recommends and the other person may get 1 or 3 hearts/recommends?

You have to admit “luck of the draw” is a still a huge part of the Medium process—luck in timing, luck in being noticed by that certain one account or person, etc.

I can only laugh, though, when I read someone complaining that some of their articles get very few recommends then I find out what they mean by few is in the hundreds! I haven’t had one article top 100 and I htink I may have had one or two comments top 100.

I really don’t mind. As I’ve often said, I know what I write about is very esoteric and not a large number of people care, much less want to read about what I write. I’d still rather have only 12 interested followers than 1200 uninterested followers or people who don’t read yet still hit the heart button.

Soldier on!


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