Why Does Vice President Pence Avoid Women in Public?
Christopher Olson

I’m no fan of Pence or conservatism. But the reality is there are lots of reasons extra-marital affairs occur (for conservatives and liberals) and they rarely have anything to do with how “hot” someone may or may not be, including the current spouse, or sexual addiction.

Plus, politics and power being what they have clearly and regularly shown themselves to be (at the expense of both political parties), it could also be just as much about keeping himself in check as keeping any would-be amore at bay.

In a society where a website like Ashley Madison can be as successful as it has been, I really think his critics are not looking at reality when judging Pence and are attacking him simply because he is “the opposition”.

I am not saying Pence’s method is appropriate, but it is understandable. I agree that it clearly demonstrates how far we have to go with gender relations but his methodology is as much symptomatic as it is problematic.


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