I believe you overstate this a bit.
Kady M.

In reality, politically speaking, there aren’t many true conservatives (George Will) or liberals (Patrick Moynihan) remaining. Or at least they don’t function that way politically, even if they do ascribe, intellectually, to those conventions.

The mainstream Democrats and Republicans both use “feelings” or emotions to drive their base. You only have to read many of the comments from self professed liberals AND conservatives, here on Medium, to see that.

But I am in complete agreement with Matthew and I do not believe it can be overstated. Unless one is an android without their emotion chip installed, emotions play a vital role in decision making. There is an emotional pay off to appearing as a detached intellectual. As much as the most passionate, heart tugging type.

I blame Modernism. We have long ago seperated emotion/intellect, rational/irrational, material/immaterial, as if those two qulities can exist independantly within our nature.

In the Christian evangelical circles where I have this discussion the most, those Christians love to say that emotions lie. My counter point is that emotions don’t lie. Our intellect lies about our emotions.

These are two great programs to consider. Hopefully the links will work long enough for many to hear. I’m not sure how to test if these will show up properly without publishing. I don’t know if Medium cares for iframe embeds. So if this fails, I will try to re-post in some other format:

Part 1

And Part 2


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