Five Lies Artists Believe
Eleazar Ruiz

Interesting article. I can’t say I agree with everything you have written, but they are certainly things I have pondered in many of my own articles.

I would counter with Five lies the Church believe about artists:

1-Artists are tools to be used. It seems the only time an artist in a church has value is when the pastor or leadership team think they can use their talents for worship—whether playing an instrument in the orchestra or worship team, painting the scenery for the childrens’ service, etc. Oh, and all for free. Outside of that artists are #2

2-To weird to be taken seriously. Many church leaders are too uncomfortable around artists when they aren’t serving some utility to actually minister to and to pastor. Artists don’t seem to need to be treated like the humans they are. Because #3

3-Being an artist is not a legitimate pursuit. I had a pastor actually accuse me of the passage that talks about idleness and not earning my keep because I work in the arts. But darn if he didn’t want me on that platform each Sunday playing guitar for him. But work for me usually means also travelling, which is counter to what he wanted me to do. I can’t play guitar if I am out of town. Besides, #4

4-We all know that the only art worth creating is based on scripture. So three crosses on a hill, flames of pentacost tongues of fire floating over a crowd, praying hands. Now that’s real art!

5-Artists are too “of the world” and all the trappings that implies.

This is my area of writing and conversation, faith and art.

Or read this article from the Gospel Coalition:

Looking forward to reading more of your words!


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