And, even more, he was ANTI-government.
Kady M.

I’ve heard this argument before. Not from you, of course, so I don’t know all you have to support the position. But mostly I’ve found the argument unconvincing. One has to leave out a lot of Jesus’s words (at least as recorded in the New Testament) to believe he is strictly an individualist. I would say his position is more that one can love one’s neighbor regardless of government institutions. But nothing saying that the government, especially one that is of the people, cannot and should not act communally. Especially in the context of his Jewish heritage.

What I do think he would be against is the way we have let political ideologies divide us, how much we wallow in “Us vs Them”. Also,he would be against the ideologies that promote a selfish “America first” instead of a love of justice, enemy, or poor. The first will be last. Hardly what is realized in today’s government leaders, especially the current president.


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