Kind of a stretch, that.
Kady M.

“My views on the matter of charity are rather specific to the notion of what Jesus would have approved of. I think it beyond disputation that he believed that “charity” was people getting their hands dirty and giving money or time directly to the poor; ”

I 100% agree with this.

“I don’t believe that supporting government redistribution is ‘charity’ in the least. A person may believe in those sorts of policies, and in their efficacy, but that’s not ‘charity’ in the same sense that Jesus preached it.”

Obviously I disagree. I do think Jesus expects leadership to be responsible at a higher level of accountability, which I think is a lot of what you reference in the previous post. The leaders were taking advantage of those they were supposed to serve. So whether the government is a monarchy, a dictatorship, or (and maybe especially) a democratically elected representational system where the people become the leaders, leadership will be held accountable in their efforts to enact and maintain justice for all, serve the needy, serve the sick, love our enemies, and love our neighbors as ourselves through whatever policy making process they have at their disposal, to serve those they have been given charge over. I do think we will be held accountable for how we acted not just as individuals, but also as a people, a community.


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