Your first sentence is a “top-down” thought; your second is a “bottom-up” thought.
Kady M.

Oddly enough, as a Christian I agree with many of my atheist friends. The religion we practice is man made. It has to be. We have no audible voice from above telling us everything we should understand in scripture (no matter many men’s attempts to make us believe otherwise). We want to believe we are being lead by the Spirit. But even that assumes we are infallible, at least enough to not be wrong. So our religion is, in all reality, at best our understanding of what our religion should or should not be.

Personally, I think that is deliberate on God’s part. Of course that could well be my own rationalization as to why God doesn’t seem to speak as he once did in scripture. But it seems to me we are fully expected to work out how we should live together. If scripture is true and Jesus said the things he said, even the laws God gave Moses were to serve man, not for man to serve.

But I digress. My apologies.


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